Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?Martin, B. & Carle, E.
Can't Catch a ButterflyZimmerman, M.
Colors in Nature (Series)    Bruce, L.
Finding Colors (Series) Anderson, M.
Images (Series)Bryant-Mole, K.
Peek in My Pocket  Carter, D. 
Planting A Rainbow Ehlert, L.
The Deep Blue Sea Wood, A.
White Rabbit’s Color Book  Baker, A.


  • Add blue water and blue objects to sensory table.  
  • Wear blue clothes to school
  • Snacks:  Booberry cereal, blue jello, blue cotton candy, blue Kool-aid, blueberries, blue snow cones
  • Paint blue hand and foot prints
  • Hide blue objects in the room and play "I Spy Something Blue"
  • Make blue playdough or blue gak
  • Book Theme:  Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by, Henkes, K.
  1)  Make a purple purse and fill it with purple objects and 'p' words
  2)  Make a necklace from purple beads or noodles
          3)  Wear purple to school
  • Make red/blue foot prints with paint and watch them turn purple!
  • Snacks:  purple grapes, grape juice, purple jello, PB & grape jelly
  • Make purple pancakes
  • Book Theme: The Carrot Seed  by, Krauss, R. &  Johnson, C.
          1)  Count carrots (real or toy)
  2)  Glue dried carrots or carrot seeds on an orange letter 'c'
  3)  Plant carrots!!
  4)  Snack: carrot varieties (discuss the texture/size difference) shredded carrots, baby carrots,                crinkle cut carrots, carrot chips, cooked carrots, long/short carrots
  • Pumpkin Fest!
           1)  Read the book:  How are you Peeling?  Foods with Moods by, Freymann, S. &  Elffers, J.
           1)   Draw faces on pumpkins to show emotion
           2)   Measure pumpkin circumference with a string
           3)   Draw letters on paper pumpkins and play "memory" to learn letters and sounds!
           4)   Toast and eat pumpkin seeds
           5)  Add "pumpkin parts" to a sensory table!
           6)  Make pumpkin soup
  • Make sweet potato pie
  • Sort fruits and vegetables by color
  • Make orange juice
  • Put cloves in an orange
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