ocation Concepts
Language Loaded Books
Above/Below    Up Above and Down Below   Redding, S.
In  Big Red Tub      Jarman, J.
In  Peek in My Pocket   Carter, D.
In/OutTen in the Bed   Cabrera, J.
On Never Too Little To Love     Willis, J. &  Fearnley, J.
On Spider on the Floor  Raffi
On The Flea’s Sneeze    Downey, L.
On The Napping House  Wood, A.
On/OffFroggy Gets Dressed     London, J.
Over    The Bear Went Over The Mountain  Wells, R.
Prepositions     Can't Catch a Butterfly        Zimmerman, M.

PrepositionsMuncha! Muncha! Muncha!    Fleming, C.
PrepositionsSkippyjon Jones: Up and Down  Schachner, J.
PrepositionsUp, Down, All Around: Learning About OppositesMitter, M.
PrepositionsWe’re Going on a Bear Hunt Rosen, M. &  Oxenbury, H.
Top/BottomTops & Bottoms Stevens, J.
Under   There's an Alligator under My Bed  Mayer, M.
Under   Under the Ground   Milbourne, A. & Riglietti, S.
Under  Who’s Under That Hat?  Carter, D.
Discovery Travel Pack:Peep and the Big Wide World Galvin, L.
Up/Down    Up, Up, Down!   Munsch, R. 

  • Read a zoo theme book such as Dear Zoo or Put Me in the Zoo.  Then, let students decorate a large box to resemble a cage.  Students can take turns playing zoo keepers and animals while going in/out of the cage!
  • Snack: Take snacks/napkins, etc. out of containers and pour juice out of pitchers.  
  • Build a tent out of a sheet and a table.  Go camping under the table!
  • Build an ant farm.  Watch the ants working under ground!
  • Make "dirt" (chocolate pudding with chocolate cookie crumbs).  Talk about the plants and animals you can find under ground!
  • Plant carrots in a Plexiglas container.  Talk about the roots (carrots) growing under ground.
  • Play with toy bridges.  Make cars, boats and other various toys go under the bridge
  • Play!  Crawl under tables, chairs or playground equipment.
  • Put a hat on each child and take turns describing who is under the hat!
  • Make "under/over" soup!  Pick a variety of vegetables and talk about where they grow!
  • Make an obstacle course!  Set up a variety of objects to jump over!
  • Play with a large parachute!  Practice running under and jumping over the parachute!

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