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Language-Loaded Books:
Big/Little  Big and Little    Berger, S.
Big/Little  Big and Little    Miller, M.
Big/Little  Big and Little    Berger, S. &  Chanko, P.
Big/Little  Big Bear, Little BearBedford, D. & Chapman, J.
Big/Little  Big Dog and Little Dog BooksPilkey, D.
Big/Little  Big Dog... Little Dog Eastman, P.D.
Big/Little  Big Fish Little Fish  Heck, E.
Big/Little  Big Little    Patricelli, L.
Big/Little  Big Pig and Little Pig     McPhail, D.
Big/Little  Big Red Barn    Wise-Brown, M.
Big/Little  Big Truck And Little Truck Carr, J.
Big/Little  The Leaf Pile    Page, J.
Big/Little  Where’s My Teddy?Alborough
Big/Little  Will You Be My Friend?Tafuri, N.

Long    Long-nosed Pig  Faulkner, K.
Long/ShortLong & Short Of It Nathan, C.

  • Eat long/short snacks (ie: noodles, pretzels, carrots, celery and fruit roll-ups)
  • Jump rope!  Individual children can jump with short ropes and groups of children can jump with long ropes.
  • Make a book with pictures of students with long and short hair.
  • Make long and short caterpillars by gluing "pom poms" together.  Add "googly" eyes for fun!
  • Make long/short bookmarks from braided yarn!
  • Make long/short paper chains!
  • Make long/short snakes from play-doh
  • Print student's names on cards.  Compare the long and short names!
  • Designate "big boxes" and "little boxes" for toy storage.  For example,  put pictures of big dump trucks/cars on a big storage container and pictures of little matchbox cars on a little shoe box for easy clean-up.
  • Have big/little snacks!  Many companies offer big and little snack varieties (Oreos and Ritz Crackers).  Children can take "big bites" from the big snacks and "little bites" from the little snacks!
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