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Simply reading to a child can make a difference in reading and academic skills throughout their school experience.

Find a relaxing time of the day. Start with simple books with few or no words at all.  Children usually do not have the attention span to sit through books with a lot of words during their first experiences. Just talk about the pictures.  Label all of the objects in the pictures and talk about what is happening in the pictures.  Let the child turn the pages so he/she begins to understand that a book has a beginning and an end.

Once the child is able to sit with you to enjoy picture books, try reading some books with a few words.  Children enjoy books that repeat words from page to page.  Soon they begin to recite the words with you.  Be patient if the child asks to read the same book repeatedly.  This is common and children learn from the repetition of their favorite book.

Your library is a wonderful resource!  It is full of children's
books and if you have any questions about the age level of a
book you should be reading, you always have the assistance
of a librarian.  Where else can you access all the free
books a child’s mind is craving?

Above all, read with ENTHUSIASM!  Draw the child into the
story. Use silly voices if you can.  Remember, it will make a
difference in the life of a child!

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