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Literacy Speaks! ® is a systematic program that teaches children orthographically (with printed cues).  By isolating an alphabetical letter, the child learns to recognize the letter by sight. Then,the sound of the letter is presented.  This method enables the child to quickly learn letter-to-sound correlations.  Next, the child is taught to find the letter within printed text and to use the sound in targeted words, phrases and sentences.

Children entering kindergarten with prior exposure to meaningful printed text and experience with letter-to-sound correlation absorb initial lessons with ease and proceed to new reading experiences with enthusiasm.  Children with little or no prior experience, however, will exhibit increased difficulty learning letter shapes and sounds.  New reading experiences will be difficult for these children and many of these children quickly fall behind their peers. Studies also have shown that children with speech and language disorders typically develop reading and spelling difficulties.  If children do not receive early intervention, they are likely to be unsuccessful throughout their school experience.

Children have been found to learn rhymes naturally. 
However, the acquisition of printed alphabet,
corresponding sounds and phonemic awareness requires 
specific instruction. Successful reading skills rely on 
the development of phonological awareness at the 
phoneme level.

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