Orthographic Instruction Testimonials
Workshop Testimonials
“Keli has lots of information that I can take back and put to use.  Because Keli works in the schools, she has hands-on experience and knows what is needed to present.” 

"Wish that everyone had the opportunity to hear Keli's presentation!  She is very passionate about helping children and extends that motivation to others."

"Great workshop and ideas that I can use during therapy and I like the fact that we could take the ideas to teachers."

"Good mix of practical knowledge and research-based info. Excellent ideas.  Implement-ready and nicely organized."

"I can immediately incorporate ideas into therapy.  Great Websites."

"Fantastic presenter!  Thanks for being on the same page as the rest of us and understanding what we need!"

"Wonderful, energetic, and extremely functional."

"Effective, practical, inspirational!"

“What SLPs are looking for is a functional, practical approach.  This was superb and the approach will help me to deliver my therapy and be more successful.  This approach will have a dramatic positive influence on my program.”

"Enthusiastic and knowledgeable speaker!"

"Very informative!  Excellent presentation ~ lots of practical ("doable") activities."

"Information I can take back and use immediately in my classroom." 

"Speaker is bright, personable, and delightful. Excellent
 incorporation of therapy ideas throughout the course."

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