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Program Testimonials
Comments from Speech-Language Pathologists

I have one student who I was particularly “stumped” with and I began using your  

This program is highly successful for children that are making little or no progress with 

After using the Literacy Speaks!  materials for only a few weeks, my young students

Comments from Teachers

I was excited to find that 7 out  of 9  of my self-contained special education 

I have taught at-risk preschoolers for many years, and I am thrilled to say that 

It has been absolutely amazing the progress our children

Comments from Parents

The Literacy Speaks! program has dramatically improved my 

 preschoolers moved on to general education kindergarten and are either no longer eligible for special education services or will receive only minimal support as a result 
of consistently using Literacy Speaks! in my classroom.  My 4-year-olds are 
identifying letters and sounds while increasing their language skills and remarkably, non-verbal 3-year olds are matching letters.  Literacy Speaks!  has inspired a 
diverse group of students with a variety of learning and achievement!
~Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

Literacy Speaks!  has been the most successful literacy approach I have ever used. Not only did my English speakers make remarkable strides in letter/sound
correlations, but even my ESL students markedly improved their literacy and
language skills. And the children were fully engaged throughout the process! A great program!
~Head Start Teacher

have made from this program! 
~Center Supervisor, CANI Head Start

daughter's speech.  Now, she enjoys searching for letters and has finally become aware of the sounds she is using in her speech.  She is even beginning to correct several sounds on her own! 
~ Parent of 4-year-old preschool student

 program with him. What a difference! His DIBELS scores for phoneme segmentation have gone from 0-30 and alphabetic principal from 0-20, all in two months time. It is so exciting to see how much he loves the take home books. I have to have one for him each speech session....if not, he is very disappointed. As I walk him back to his kindergarten class, he stops anyone he can find in the hallway and asks them if they would like to hear him read! 

You have created quite a unique and EFFECTIVE program! For all the very busy SLPs out there who needed a program like this, I thank you.
~Coordinator of Speech Services

traditional therapy.  I observed dramatic improvements in my students with Final Consonant Deletion.  Literacy Speaks! not only remediates difficult error patterns, it creates phonemic awareness!
~Early Childhood Speech Pathologist

began to enjoy looking for letters.  Sounds in a particular word position that children have struggled with for a long time just "seemed to click". With the use of the Literacy Speaks! program, my students can see where sounds are located in words.
~Early Childhood Speech Pathologist

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